ENEFLOW Stops Mineral Scale Build-Up At Chilean Mine

A major mining company in Chile was experiencing significant mineral scale build-up problems in water lines feeding their SAG (semi autogenous grinding) plant due to the hardness of the water.

Over time the mineral scale had accumulated significantly - reducing the inner diameter of the pipes by up to 80% - and restricting the level of flow necessary to operate the SAG mill.

The mine engineers had tried several different methods to reduce the hard water and mineral scale problems, but had become frustrated by the lack of results.

Five months after the installation, the mine personnel conducted an inspection of the pipe. The incredible effectiveness of the ENEFLOW system was obvious - the mineral scale had been almost completely eliminated!
ENECON Chile recommended that they install 4 pairs of ENEFLOW 5000’s on their twelve inch water pipes.

Due to the positive results of this installation, the mine is planning to install ENEFLOW 5000 Power Cells on each of the mill feed water lines, as well as on other equipment throughout the plant.


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